Join Rules

In order to join, you will be timed at Big Ear for least below 1:57 no nos or speedhacks and an offical SSD Recuiter MUST BE PRESENT. Tests are only offical in the Red Suns server. You will get at least 3 tries for the tryout and if you fail, you will need to wait next month of the time you tried out to re-apply for the clan. You will need follow these rules at all times. Failure to comply with these rules will result in removal from the team.

1.Do not have bad attitude to members of this clan or to any other clans.
2.Do Not ask for mods just because the clan leader/members are in it
3.Do Not act like a leader and start hiring peoples into Street Style Drifters
4. Do Not Accept CW's from other teams without a leaders/Co-leaders approval. Most clan wars are denied due to what the other teams standards are. Us here in SSD truly believe in no other handling lines then the orginal elegys on a 1 on 1 match between members of each team. No videos.
5. Members from other groups are allowed to join however the test does not change for ANYONE of ANY clan/team.
6. SSD is not branched in with RS. Dont join SSD thinking you have automatic access to Red Suns as tests are different for both groups SSD strongly supports Red Suns and its members and vice versa.
7. Each member of SSD is allowed to design there own car skins/character skins/buildings for themselves and/or others of the team. However as stated above sharing of mods is up to the creator you are not required to have your own skin/car for videos/events.
8. SSD members are allowed to wear the tag [SSD] in any server they see fit unless that servers rules says otherwise. However SSD's offical home is the Akagi Red Suns SAMP server found in About me page.
9. Shoutbox is allowed to be used by anyone however hate messages will be deleted. We would like all members, weather with SSD or not, to kindly respect this decision as we want to keep this clean.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Nissan 240SX-Members car

Hi guys, So here I made is members car Nissan 240SX. Reference from 240SX on Blog banner. For players who been active for least week on the server will have this car.


Saturday, January 5, 2013

Street Style Drifters Promotion Video

We finally finished off the Promotion Video of our Team Street Style Drifters. This is not like any Massive Organism Edit, kinda like what Music Video has. Enjoy.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

SSD Promotion Video Free pass is over

Hi viewers, So yeah as you can notice, we were doing a recruitment by coming to my video but it looks like only one guy came to ask if he wants to join and he did on most parts and did it successfully didn't fail at all, But yeah, the video is close to finishing and lot of people who joined SSD participated, did it really good. But I still haven't done it yet because I didn't record 3 or 4 more peoples yet. But yeah this is a message that the Free pass has been cut. But we will discuss about the person who wants to join by participating in videos with the leaders.

Here's a small screenshot of the Promotion Video, Elegy and Handling Line Mixed in it.

We're close to finish, lets hope its done around the new years.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Promotion Video Help[Free Pass for Recruitment]

So Hi guys, this is the Co-Leader Yohsuke here, and you might know me from probably drift servers, So yeah, Our leader Kenta and other leaders of the SSD team blog lost access so we made a new one, our old team blog is this and you can notice the old names there that had not been touched for past years now.

You can notice that I was a Experienced Member there but now got promoted to Co-Leader. Here's what I would like to do to have players and members active, We're going to do a Promotion Video, something without using nitro on small angles etc like it is now. We're doing it old school, For people who participated and did not fail on part of the video gets free pass to join the Street Style Drifters. You can come and Skype me at yohsukenakano if you would like to participate on the promotion video.